Monday, May 26, 2008

Menu planning Monday

One thing I've learned from previous attempts at this is it's at best an estimate! Something ALWAYS comes up and scrambles the week's menu, whether it's being invited to someone's house or someone saying "but can we have____ instead?" So large grain of salt with this menu... It's mostly a "clean out the fridge" and pantry from good deals at Kroger in the last week (prices included where I know them)

L: Late lunch at SIL's
D: Leftovers at SIL's

Tuesday (Dance lessons):
L: Leftover pizza, watermelon ($3.88 for a whole one--we'll be eating it all week)
D: Spaghetti carbonara (1/2 pkg 10/$10 spaghetti, 1/2 pkg 10/$10 bacon, 2 eggs ($1.18/dozen), spinach salad

L: Grilled cheese, apple slices
D: Hamburgers ($1.47/lb), hash browns(10/$10 minus doubled $0.50 coupon=free!), corn on the cob (4/$1)

Thursday (Ann in meeting all day, life group shopping for hiking trip):
L: lunchables (10/$10), watermelon, carrots (10 lbs/$10), pudding (10 4 pks/$10)
D: Chic Fila with life group

L: ??? Something kid friendly (my kids + three?)??
D: ??? Something using up the diced ham?

Saturday (Hiking trip)
L: Sandwiches, apples, chips, cookies (I'll be making a batch of Monster Cookies sometime on Friday)
D: Probably out

Any suggestions on what to do with a cup of diced ham? I used some for omlettes one day, but there is a bunch left over and I need to use it soon!

For more ideas, check out Menu Planning Monday at Organizing Junkie!


Jen said...

I would freeze the ham if nothing obvious jumps out at you. Better to save it for a future probably use than a for-sure garbage destination:)

And, we'll take care of lunch on worries:)

*~*~*Stephani*~*~* said...

The monster cookies sound great! Yum!

I just used diced ham this past week for a Kraft recipe. Search for Ham & Mac Casserole. It's just a box of mac&cheese, frozen peas, shredded cheese, milk and ham. Really good!

Becky @ Boys Rule My Life said...

Ham salad sandwiches are always a hit at my house. Mayo, mustard, pickle, onion... whatever you like... maybe even some egg.

I'm going to have to check out those monster cookies! yummy!

Nancy said...

We just had ham & au gratin potatoes at our house last week. A huge hit.

Have a great week. I love monster cookies!

Love Bears All Things said...

Broccoli and chicken casserole: replace ham for chicken and use veg all instead of Broccoli.
Do you buy the whole 10/$10 items are do you just buy what you want for $1.
Mama Bear