Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Tonight we discussed Phillipians 2: 12-13: Therefore, my dear friends, as you have always obeyed—not only in my presence, but now much more in my absence—continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling, for it is God who works in you to will and to act according to his good purpose.

I'm so thankful that Jesus humbled himself to become a human and obeyed to the point of dying on a cross, and because of his example, we can be humble, obey, and have God work through us.

I'm thankful that God works both on our will and our actions--one without the other isn't effective, so it's great he gives us both!

I'm glad that God has a good purpose in what He does in and through our lives.

I'm thankful that our passports arrived quickly, as did our tax refund.

I'm thankful that everything went well in my 14 week check up, and that the nurse/midwife had some favorable things about the places I might have to switch to. I'm trusting God to either fix our insurance situation or provide a new doctor and hospital for me to deliver at.

I'm thankful for all the maternity clothes that friends have shared with me, and that I still fit into a couple of my own and some of DH's pants :)

I'm thankful for the great garden we planted, and what we can learn about God the Gardener through it.

I'm thankful for the awesome Spaghetti Carbonara recipe we discovered...and that bacon was on sale this week!

I'm thankful that I'm figuring out how to play the CVS game. Today I even made money (well, more CVS bucks than I put in) today :)

I'm thankful that I still could have afforded the trash bags, even without the CVS game. God has been more than generous to us!

And I'm thankful that Iris hosts Thankful Thursday! Please share your thanks, and read other's thanks at her blog.


Denise said...

I liked your thankful list, be blessed.

Heather@Mommymonk said...

God always provides. Always. Glad you got your passports. You're going to Mexico pregnant? That ought to be an adventure!

I saw you went on a Math seminar - that looked way cool! (Coming from a math teacher...) :)

Heather said...

What a wonderful list of blessings! I'm learning to play the CVS game as well. I had resisted for so long. Don't know what my problem was!

Have a blessed weekend!