Monday, January 14, 2008

Top Ten Tuesdays--things I love and hate about traveling for work

So I'm cheating--I've got two lists today

10 things I love about traveling for work:
1. I get to take a long, relaxing bath...and someone else cleans the tub!
2. The chance to work with very bright people and learn from them
3. Cable TV--Harry Potter is on :)
4. The chance to eat foods not found in my town--Monday night was sushi and Korean food
5. Free frequent flyer miles
6. Time to process and pray
7. Opportunities to see how other schools work
8. Chances to network with like minded people
9. An uninterrupted night sleep
10. The chance to improve education for potentially thousands of students, not just the fifty or so I meet with in classes each semester

5 things I don't like about traveling for work:
1. Missing the kids and Patrick
2. Being the most junior person in the room, and wondering what exactly I bring to the table
3. Missing my classes, especially at the beginning of the semester
4. Having to ask others for help
5. Trying to figure out how to get the room to a comfortable temperature


Misty said...

my hubby travels for work more weeks than not and he is always making lists about his pro's and cons. To the rest of us, it may sound luxurious but I know he lost the excitement a long time ago.

Jen said...

Hey, at least your "pros" list was twice as long as your "cons." That's a good thing. I would add "coming home to a great family" to the positive side, because I know that's huge one for you!

Kim said...

Sleeping through the night uninterrupted really appealed to me, although I can well imagine how you would miss the fam.

Jonelly the Rockstar said...

Where are you?