Friday, January 11, 2008


Last night I made craisin white chocolate chip oatmeal cookies for life group. One person in our group needs to be on a low fat diet, so I was going to substitute applesauce for half the butter. But...we didn't have any applesauce, so I used low fat cream cheese instead. Then I didn't have any oatmeal, so I used crushed cornflakes. And the white chocolate chips? Gone, so I used butterscotch chips instead.

The cookies turned out ok, but nothing like the recipe I was trying to make. If I had thought about it (or realized it before the craisins were already in) I could have used dried cherries and chocolate chips...then it would have been cherry chocolate chip cheesecake cookies :)

It made me wonder--are there places in my life where I'm substituting something for Jesus?

Lord, search me and show me any places where I'm substituting something worldly in your place.


Lynn said...

This is a thought provoking post. Well done.

Jen said...

Once, I tried to make a recipe with low fat mayo that specifically siad, "Do not use low-fat mayo." Turned out gross. Apparently, it needed all th fat regular mayo offers...we need all that Jesus offers, too.

Cheryl said...

Cookies are sounding good about now. I have started "First Place" with our church and have not had cookies in two days! That was a very good post. A wonderful reminder. We surely need everything that Jesus has for us. Thanks - God Bless

JAN said...

I often think and pray about this. Modern day idolatry. We don't worship calves, but......
On a lighter note, I did laugh when I read about all your substitutions in the cookie recipe. :-)
It is so easy to just run to the "cupboard" and grab any old thing to meet a need instead of slowing down and meeting with Jesus.