Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Top ten reasons I shouldn't have a cell phone...

I have a disposable cell phone, the $1/day you use it, $0.10/min to "non plan" people, free to other AT&T cellular users, kind. So if you don't have Cingular/AT&T, I probably won't call you...in fact, I think I've called a grand total of three people on my cell phone, and two of them are Patrick and the preschool director.

Today confirmed that I shouldn't have a cell phone--even though there were two occasions when I could have used it wisely (traveling to Indy alone and going to the grocery store), I managed to do several things on this top ten list...in one day!

So without further ado, the top 10 reasons I shouldn't have a cell phone:
10. I forget it at home.
9. When I bring it with me, it isn't charged.
8. I regularly lose the charger.
7. When it is charged, I forget to turn it on.
6. When it's on, it's on vibrate and I don't hear it in my purse.
5. When I put it in my pocket, I still don't feel it.
4. When I turn the ringer on, I can't find it.
3. When I do find it, it's already gone to voice mail...
2. Which I don't have set up or know how to get to.
1. And if I manage to do all of the above...there is no signal.

For a more substantial top 10 list, check out Jen's blog. If you have a top ten today, please post a link in the comments!


Misty said...

this made me laugh! I identify with it... although I've gotten better.

Kim said...

Hey Ann...I finally did Top Ten Tuesday...


JAN said...

I don't have a cell phone, but if I did I know I'd do the same things.
I did borrow my husband's phone a few weeks ago when I had to run a couple errands. He called me twice while I was out. Did I answer the phone? The first time it rang I ignored it thinking it was someone else's. The second time he called I thought it was a part of the radio program I was listening to and I kept wondering how they were going to tie in the ringing phone with the rest of the program...

Love Bears All Things said...

Cell is the only phone I have. Sometimes I leave it at home, but so would I with a landline. I seldom call anyone. I have 400 anytime minutes a month and they roll over and expire in a year. Currently, I have 2000+. Getting a cell instead of a land line was the best decision I ever made. I don't talk on the phone while driving. I have a blue tooth for emergency calls when I am on a trip.
The best part-no solicitations. And if I don't recognize a number, I don't answer. If its important they can leave a message.
Mama Bear