Sunday, January 6, 2008

A Day in the life...

Kathleen Marie is organizing "A Day in the Life" today, Monday January 7th. It can be a story about a day, or a typical day, or the blow by blow...I'm doing a typical Monday, since this Monday is a wierd one (school hasn't started yet and I have a doctor's appt). We'll need to be adjusting these times, since I'm teaching at 8 am on Tuesday/Thursday this semester, and preschool now starts at 8:30, not 9! But it is what Mondays will look like this semester...

7:30 alarm goes off; press snooze but the cat won't have it--even though she has plenty of food, she wants some pets by her bowl before she eats. Potty break and a few minutes to collect my head
7:45 Get Henry up--we usually snuggle for a few minutes before he gets out of bed. Help him get started on breakfast.
7:55 Repeat with Harmony.
8:10 Eat my breakfast while packing kids' and my lunches
8:25 Get myself dressed; encourage kids to dress themselves (clothes laid out the night before)
8:35 Brush my teeth; try to get Harmony to do her own, but I usually end up doing it.
8:45 Put on coats and head to the car...somehow this always takes longer than it should
9:00 drop off at preschool; hang out there for 15 minutes
9:15 park car at home; grab my lunch, gym bag and school stuff and head to work
9:30 check e-mail, read daily Bible reading and do memory verse
9:45 Work...write lectures, grade papers (usually doesn't happen at work), do research in lab (won't probably happen on Mondays this semester, but maybe Thursday afternoons), look for stuff, set up labs, write letters of recommendation, meet with students
11:10 teach class until 12:10
12:10 talk to students after class, drop my stuff back in my office (and hopefully file it appropriately!) and head to the gym; stop by office and check my mail on the way
12:30 Run
1:00 cool down; shower and head back to the office
1:20 inhale (I mean eat) lunch--usually a Lean Cuisine, leftovers, or whatever the kids are eating
1:45 Set up lab stuff for Tuesday's labs; office hours; grading papers; getting lecture ready for tommorow morning; committe work; advising students; meeting with speakers and/or faculty candidates
4:00 Every other Monday--go and pick up the kids; get them an "appetizer" (usually fruits or veggies); play outside or inside; start dinner
The other Mondays--Faculty meeting until 5:30; Patrick does pickup on these days
5:45 dinner (either out or leftovers on the weeks I have faculty meeting)
6:20 clean up kitchen
6:30 read mail, play with kids, meet a friend at the park or the gym with the kids
7:30 bathtime for the kids; one has a snack while the other is in the tub
8:00 bedtime snack for the kids; brush teeth and potty break too
8:15 story time
8:45 prayer time; lay with kids for a few minutes
9:00 Us leave room; Henry pops out to go potty and try to get "bonus time"
9:15 Patrick meet Charlie to walk, talk and pray; I talk to Jenn on the phone :) or grade papers, write lectures, and do all the stuff that generally doesn't done
10:00 Clean up from evening; lay out clothes for morning, other household errands
11:00 check e-mail and read blogs; post my own
12:00 head to bed

This is a "no extras" Monday--Patrick will have City Council meetings 2 of 4 Mondays per month, and I often have a committee meeting at 1:30 on Mondays (we'll see when it is this semester). Oh yea, and one of the 2 Mondays that Patrick doesn't have City Council, we have small group leader meeting, so that will wipe out the 6:00 to 8:45 time block.


Kathleen Marie said...

Wow! You deserve an award for that! What a busy day. Reminds me of my college days and when my kids were little.

Thanks for joining in! Hugs!

Kim said...

You make me tired by just reading your blog. I thought I had a busy day today. Sheesh. Any time in there for a nap???

Jen said...

I needed to read this for two reasons. First, to know how better to pray for my working friend with kids. Second, I was just griing to God about not having much interaction with the outside world and sometimes wishing I had a job to go to so my brain wouldn't atrophy. Think I'll settle for the plan God has me in right now...
Praying for you...