Monday, September 17, 2007

That's why they call it research!

I feel like half of what I do in my research is look for things I've already looked know, re-search? Today it was:
Where's the sterile distilled water?
Where's the tape?
Where are the molecular weight markers?
Where is the skinny sharpie? All I can find are the thick ones, and they're too fat to write on the top of this lid.
Where's the sterile distilled water? (Oh yeah, I brought it to the DNA purification station.)
Where's my DNA?
Where'd I put the molecular weight markers?
Where is the fat sharpie? The skinny ones wear off the plates to easily
Where's the sterile distilled water? (Oh yeah, it's over at the gel station.)
And that was by 10 am...

The experiments go the same way:
Which fraction is my protein in?
Where are the yeast colonies with my DNA in it? Oops, I was supposed to put in 200 micrograms, not 200 wonder it didn't work, that was 10x too much, guess I'll be doing that experiment again...
Where'd I put that gel?
Did I put the right stuff in that tube?

You have to be persistent and an optimist to be a scientist...and it would help if I were more organized!

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the rockstar said...

Well, I am amused! :) I have the same trouble sometimes. Though, it is usually because someone moved something or did not replace it rather than me losing it. The good news is that you can pretty much keep track of things since it is just you. The bad news is that it is just you... :-/ GOOD LUCK WITH THE DNA!!!

P.S. "The DNA evidence was gone!" -- See Homestar Runner comics