Sunday, September 2, 2007

Henry's version of Star Wars

Henry is very into Star Wars today...despite never seeing any of the movies. His stories are based on what he's seen on Cheese Nips boxes (his first introduction to Star Wars), Wierd Al Yankovic's Yoda song, packages and inserts from Star Wars toys he's gotten, and stories he's heard from his friends.

His stories are pretty interesting--Princess Leia is a dog, Luke is his dad, Obi Won Kenobi died in a battle with Darth Vader...and if you try to correct the facts, you're met with a "nuh-huh, So-and-so said so," where so-and-so is someone with about as much Star Wars knowledge as he has.

While it's sometimes humorous to see what stories he invents (like needing to say a Bible verse before beginning a light "saver" duel), it reminds me that if I want to know the facts, I should go to the source. I've found a really good devotional I like at Proverbs31 and Mourning into Dancing, but it reminds me that I need time in the Word myself, not relying on what others tell me. I'll still keep reading them--they do a great job of pointing me to things I need to address in my life and modeling what my quiet time should look like, but I need the source, too. I'm glad that I get passages e-mailed to me every day from a Bible in a Year plan.

Thanks for your Word, Lord, and that I can hear it directly from You.

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