Tuesday, September 4, 2007

More is better, right?

Patrick called me from the farmer's market on Saturday--"Do you want me to pick up some peaches and corn?"

Sounds good to me...but he comes home with a baker's dozen of EACH. To me, "some" means three or four, not 13! And to add injury, every single ear of corn had silk worms--ew. But Henry and Harmony helped me husk them and I cut off the wormy parts...and now we'll be eating corn and peaches all week :) Anyone want some?


Mindy said...

make some peach cobbler, that uses up a lot of peaches. freeze some stuff? That's a lot of produce

Jen said...

We, too, have lots of fresh stuff that needs to be eaten up. If I had the energy, i'd freeze some things but, alas, that is not going to happen. Maybe it's a "husband" thing. Charlie would probably do the same thing!

Carey said...

I just bought corn last sat and had the same problem. Must be that time of year.