Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Works for me Wednesday--More Kids is Less Work

I'm not talking about having more of your own...sometimes having more kids in the house (by having company) is less work than having just your own.

This is the unmentioned benefit of the childcare co-op mentioned at this week's WFMW by We Are THAT Family.

Somehow when we have guests, my kids behave better, and I have less "she looked at me funny"/"He won't play XX with me"/"She's not playing it right" conversations than when it's just my own kids.

On Friday we had friends over for the afternoon. They played very nicely and I got a chunk of grading done. On Saturday we invited the neighbor kids to come to the park with us, and they all played tag--and I didn't have to be it :)

So invite some friends over! Your kids will be occupied and have a good time. And the other parents may reciprocate, giving you bonus time!

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