Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Revelation and Harry Potter.

Bible study last night was really good. It's always good when God smacks you between the eyes saying, HEY, I'm talking to YOU!

We're studying Esther, and were wrapping up chapter 3, starting chapter 4. One of the themes we've been looking at is what is hidden and what is revealed. For example, Esther's identity as a Jew was hidden when she became queen, and she had to reveal it to save her people.

One of the bulleted points was something along the line of God being revealed in a situation often involves a person revealing something about themselves. And one of the phrases that was used was exactly the title of my blog, More Questions than Answers.

I took that as a definite God moment.

Why's that?

Well, I've been feeling a bit like Voldemort from Harry Potter. Voldemort has split his soul, and stores a bit in each of seven different horcruxes. While a blog isn't my soul and I don't have to commit murder to make a new blog, I have been splitting my blogging time between three blogs...this one, Ms. Theophilus, and NaCl and hv. It's partially an audience issue, and partially a privacy issue--the other two are more anonymous than this one.

I thought about merging the three blogs into one, and imported some of the Ms. Theophilus posts here. But as I prayed about it, I think I'm supposed to continue all three...but better center each one on a particular aspect. This blog will focus on family things and memes, while Ms. Theophilus will be more thoughts on Biblical and church related matters. NaCl and hv focuses on work related stuff (bonus points if anyone other than Jonell can translate that title!)

So that's my revelation for person, multiple blogs. But I hope I haven't split my soul, and that I still have at least one reader of each blog :)

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