Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Thankful Thursday

It might be cliche, but today I'm thankful for my mom and mother in law.

I'm thankful that my mom took a job 700 miles away from my dad so that she could be only 100 miles from us. What a sacrifice for both of them!

I'm glad she's able to come over and bake cookies with the kids, take them to the park, and do other fun grandma things.

I'm thankful for all the things she's taught me--too many to list.

I'm thankful for my mother in law--that she raised all of her kids to follow Jesus.

I'm glad she and Pappaw are generous with their time, always willing to come to the kids' performances, even if they're on a weekend.

I'm thankful that she stocks the surprise box, blessing the kids in tangible ways.


I'm thankful that Harmony wants to bless me on Mother's Day--she's been writing a book, and has it in her head that she needs to buy me jewelry.


Denise said...

Such a lovely tribute.

Rocks said...

What a wonderful moms you have there. :)

Advance happy mothers day to you!

Unknown said...

You are, indeed, blessed. Thanks for sharing!

Melanie said...

Beautifully written!

Happy Thankful Thursday!

Mary said...

Blessings abound! Thanks for sharing. Happy Mother's day to you!

Laurie Ann said...

What a precious, precious post! I love it! Happy Thankful Thursday!

Jerralea said...

You are very blessed!

Happy Mother's Day to you and your moms.

Stephanie said...

What a blessing! Thanks for sharing!