Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thankful Thursday

There is lots to be thankful for!
--Henry's out of school for the year. I'm thankful that Henry had such a great year in kindergarten. He's matured a lot. He's now reading very fluently on a 2nd-3rd grade level, and half way through the first grade math curriculum. He's a motivated learner, yet the teacher gave us specific things to work on this summer (like working more slowly and carefully and finishing the math book).

--Bigger than his school work, Henry is growing leaps and bounds spiritually. We got him his own NIrV Bible last Sunday, and he is gobbling it up. He WANTS to read it, and sneaks it into bed (it doesn't fit very well under his pillow!). He's already found great passages, and he's going to be in charge of choosing verses for us to memorize each week this summer. (suggestions on how to channel his enthusiasm are welcome!)

--Harmony is growing too--last week at a T ball game I barely recognized her. Who is that long legged blonde girl? She also has lots of questions about "when Jesus makes a new earth"--like will we be young again? Will our cat be there? Can I have my own purple and pink robe?

Thanks, Lord, for growth-- physical, mental, spiritual-- in my children...and for showing it to me.


Lynn said...

Hi Ann,

Felt like I was among your home and these little ones. Thank you.

Have a wonderful TT. Hugs, Lynn

Mariposa said...

Awesome post!

Happy TT! :)

Angela said...

What a beautiful post...I'm so thankful also for the work the Lord is doing in my children's lives.

Denise said...

Such a nice thankful post.

Auntie Q said...

That is so sweet that he takes his Bible to bed! May he always love the Word of God that much!

Bonnie said...

hehehe... I LOVE the questions children ask about Jesus and faith. They can be scary and challenging but oh what a blessing to see God through little eyes! We are supposed to become as one of them, though and it appears you have two amazing "teachers" in that respect living under your roof! Blessings.

Rita T. said...

So great when we see our kids thirsty for God! Have a wonderful weekend.