Saturday, November 3, 2007

Your Kingdom Come

Today Jeff Heidcamp from the Minneapolis Vineyard Church was the speaker at our church's fall conference. The theme for the meeting was "The Kingdom of God". We missed the Friday night session, and spent the Saturday morning session praying with some friends from our Life Group, but if the third session was an indicator, it was a powerful conference!

The third session was titled "The Kingdom of God in the 21st Century." Jeff talked about five big areas, and how the Kingdom of God might be seen--mental illness, political division, ethnic diversity, singleness (and marriedness), and being involved. (Pretty good that I remembered the list without notes!)

One thing that really resonated with me was the singleness section, even though I'm married. Jeff talked about the search for someone to fulfill you in every aspect of your life, and how hard that is. But the Kingdom of God in this world is that Jesus can meet all those needs...and if you're looking to a spouse to complete you, your marriage is in trouble. Marriage is really the opportunity to share the great love you've received from your savior with another, not about meeting your needs.

Amen. I've said to Patrick that marriage is about being God's agent of grace to your spouse...though it sure is nice when God works through my spouse to meet my needs!


Jen said...

The pastor who married us made sure we understood what our goal was in marriage: to relect the relationship Jesus has with His church. We are the "wife," He is the husband. I'm so thankful for that teaching we had before we stood before the Lord. I've always looked at my husband as my husband and the person God chose to change me into more of what He wants me to be. But, my husband isn't my all in all--he encourages me to run with him towards the one who IS our all in all, our Lord Jesus Christ.
Good reminder since our anniverary is approaching...

Kim said...

I'm glad you were able to at least hit the last session. I too like what he had to say about was a good reminder about why you're in it. :-)

Kelsey said...

I like your blog, Ann! You have a lot of fun themes and creative ideas, not to mention a lot of biblical wisdom to share! Thanks. :)