Friday, November 16, 2007

Clear packing tape to the rescue!

So guys love duct tape. I think it looks gross and leaves a really yuckky residue behind when you remove it--kind of like those killer bandaids that leave bigger marks than the original owie.

But I must admit, I include a roll of clear packing tape in my gifts to new parents. It is definitely a godsend! What for, you wonder?

Well, this morning I fixed Harmony's princess purse. Belle was peeling off, so a selective application on the front and the backside, and voila! Harmony's favorite bag is back to being useful.

I also need to fix one of their favorite Bible story books--right now it ends with half of a whale showing up to get Jonah. Clear packing tape has added time onto some of the kid's favorite books, both in repairing the binding and torn pages.

It's also saved my ear drums from more than a couple of way too noisy toys--a piece over the speaker is enough to reduce the volume to manageable.

I also used it to build a "drip guard" for our cat's litter box--somehow she manages to pee through the crack between the lid and the base. I pieced three strips together, folded almost in half, and taped it along the inside, and voila! No more cat pee on the floor. I think that gave the cat a few more years in our house...

So that's my Frivolous Friday you have other good uses for clear packing tape?


Misty said...

i used it for alot. i love it because it is removable (without residue) on things that aren't paper related... It's just handy..

The Rock Star said...

I typically have two rolls of it around at all times just in case I need a lot of it for something. Of course, it is good for packing things in boxes... I also used it in high school for covering notecards that had really tiny print on them in pencil. Good for pretty much anything, really. I do not like masking tape or duct tape.

Qtpies7 said...

I just like to play with it! I do. It is weird, but I've liked the stickiness since high school, at least. My husband wants to buy stock in 3M so we can get some of our money back.