Friday, July 20, 2007

Prayer request

We're traveling by train to MN tomorrow. The kids and my mom are continuing to my parent's farm, while Patrick and I stay in the Twin Cities for a couple of days. We'll reunite in Sioux Falls, then drive out to my aunt and grandma's in Rapid City. Then drive back to the Cities and take the train home. 28 hrs by train, 18 by car in 10 days. Please pray for:
--the train connections to be on time
--us to all get along for that long in confined spaces
--ways to occupy the kids with no whining (by us or them!)
--good times with my grandma--she hasn't seen the kids in two years, and she's 91.

Thanks, and see you in August!

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Kim said...

We'll be praying that everything goes smoothly!