Sunday, July 15, 2007

Feet washing

It's summertime. The kids want to live in their sandals (or better yet, bare feet). Needless to say, their feet get pretty dirty, and some nights there just isn't time for a bath...and even then, you have to wash their feet before they get in or the bath water turns instantaneously black! I still haven't succeeded in getting Henry's toenails completely clean. And man, the can smell Henry's feet in the front seat when he's sitting in the back row of the car some evenings!

It made me think about Jesus washing the disciple's feet. I bet they were really dirty and stinky too. But rather than complaining about it, he washed the willingly.

He does that with our dirty, stinky sins too--he washes them white as snow with his blood. And if he can do that, then how should I respond to stinky sins in other's lives? Should I take the high road and avoid them? Complain about about the stink? Or help them up onto the counter, turn on the water, and help them get the stuff that's stuck between their toes?

Thanks for washing my stinky feet, Jesus. Help me bring others to you.


Kim said...

Nice analogy...It's always good to remember. Noah's feet stink all the time now too. :-)

Mindy said...

In the summer I always have to wash my feet before I get in to bed. A good analogy, a little gross thinking about cleaning the guck out of peoples toes, but a very good one.