Monday, September 22, 2008

Menu Planning Monday

This week went from "nothing's going on" to overful...

L: Ham and cheese sandwiches, banana, milk
D: Clean Out the Refrigerator Night (CORN)
L: Lunchables, apple slices, milk
D: Grogonzola and Sundried Tomato Burgers (with beef, not buffalo), sun chips, cucumbers and carrots
L: quesadillas, fruit, milk
D: half my advisees over for dinner. Salad, Cumin Lime Pork Tenderloin, corn, dressing, apple crisp
L: Leftovers :)
D: Life group in Lafayette. Most likely McD's.
Friday--Patrick at a wedding.
L: ??
D: Something kid friendly!
brunch for a friend with a couple of pictures in the local art show. Overnight cinnamon rolls (my mom's version of this--use 1/2 as much yeast, rise on countertop), crockpot hash browns, egg and sausage strata, blueberry muffins and fresh fruit

Come back next Monday for part 2 of having the advisees over--Asian theme :)

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