Monday, September 29, 2008

Lost and found

Tonight we had round 2 of students over for dinner. When it was time for them to leave, somehow our cat got out--we followed her from the porch to the neighbor's yard, to under a car. Ali hasn't been outside in at least 9 years, and considering she's all black (well, Harmony says black and pink because her collar and tongue are pink) and it was dark out, this was a bad situation.

Patrick and I tried for a couple of minutes, while the kids had orders to put pjs on and get ready for bed. (I busted them helping themselves to extra step in the bedtime routine!)

The kids were pretty upset, and Henry was sure he had seen her, so we all went out for one more cat. As we were heading back in, Henry wailed, "But I prayed that she'd come back!"

I was gearing up for dealing with the "sometimes God answers prayers right away, sometimes later, and sometimes the answer is no" talk...we spied the cat, under the dining room table.

None of us saw her enter, but there she was. And we had all specifically seen her outside--there are no other black cats in the neighborhood, let alone one with a fluorescent pink collar. Patrick and I were amazed...but not Henry and Harmony. Good ol' childlike faith--I KNEW God would answer our prayers!

And for story time, they wanted to read the "Lost" parables--the lost coin, the lost sheep and the lost son. So despite it being way past bedtime by the time they settled in, it was well worth it.

Thanks for answered prayers, God. Give us childlike faith to believe you do answer prayers.


Jen said...

Once, our childhood cat Felix disappeared for a week. IT's the only time I can remember praying in earnest as a child. He reappeared on Easter morning, a little scrawnier and dirtier, but ready to go back to being a house cat. I always think of my resurrection cat on Easter morning, even now as an adult. PTL for our kids' faith!

Kim said...

That's a great story! Thanks Jesus.