Friday, October 26, 2007

Top 10 signs it's time to turn on the heat

10. Tomato soup and grilled cheese are back on the favorites list.
9. Said soup is cold before you can finish eating it.
8. The butter that is sitting on the counter is rock hard.
7. Harmony's nose is bright red and she hasn't been crying.
6. Bread baking becomes a daily event, just so we can turn on the oven.
5. We huddle around the dishwasher when it's on the drying cycle.
4. We're wearing more layers than we have members of our family.
3. The kids don't want to take off their coats inside.
2. Slippers are a requirement.
1. The cat insists on sleeping under the covers!

Maybe tomorrow...we're trying to hold out until Nov 1 :)


Kim said...

You guys are funny! Way to conserve energy though. :-)

Heather C said...

LOL!! I can SO relate! Here in NH we're going through the same thing...

"I'm freezing!"

"I am NOT turning that furnace on yet!"

"My fingers are ice cubes!"

"Sit on them! Put on a sweater!"

LOL... now I'm ready for a big bowl of soup. :)

God bless you!