Saturday, October 13, 2007

A Good Day

Today was fall break, and we took it!

First we went to our favorite sushi place, and they made Henry and Harmony their own "sushi" with rice and chicken, while we enjoyed our favorite rolls. If I can't be pregnant, at least I can enjoy sushi!

Then we went to an apple orchard south of Indy. The only reason we picked it was that it was on the way to the outlet mall, but it turned out to be great! There was a pond with HUGE koi, a nature trail, a petting zoo, a bamboo maze, a two story "bumpy" slide, a train, and of course, apples. There was also a hay ride to a pumpkin patch, but we skipped that since we enjoyed that last weekend. The kids had a blast, and we got a peck of apples of several different varieties. It hasn't been a good apple year in Indiana because of a late April frost, but they had all the kinds we were looking for (we asked before we called). Yum, yum!

Then we hit the outlet mall, mostly for me--my work clothes is looking pretty sad, as I discovered on my trip this week. While I didn't find the suit I was looking for, I did spend a couple of gift cards that have been burning a hole in my pocket since Christmas--it's always good to shop without spending money :)

It was a good day. If only I had remembered my camera, it would have been perfect!

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Mindy said...

Way to fully enjoy your fall break! That sounds like a day packed full of fun, I bet the kids slept well after that. There's nothing better than apple orchards in the fall.