Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Top Ten Vacation memories

10. Meeting a T. rex on the Jurassic Park ride from the front row...and Henry refusing to go on it again.
9. Twenty plus times on "one fish, two fish"
8. Harmony's love of the Woody Woodpecker Rollercoaster and Ripsaw Falls (a very large flume)--she's going to be a coaster girl (unlike her brother)
7. Hope rolling over for Henry and Harmony, but not for Patrick or I
6. Hope's first plane ride
5. Henry jumping over the waves at Cocoa Beach
4. Harmony being the "queen of the beach" (She told me I could be "queen of the shells")
3. Patrick and Henry getting completely soaked having a water battle in Camp Jurassic
2. Meeting friends for a great and very fun dinner, complete with flamenco and belly dancers (Harmony was trying to imitate them!)
1. Having a wonderful and relaxing time as a family

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