Monday, March 30, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday: 10 things on my to do list

Yano at YanowhatImean (a great blog name!) posts an idea for "Ten on Tuesday" every week--thanks!

Here's my to do list at work:
1. Send out Faculty Development letters to recipients...and ones we turned down.
2. Write a report about possible ways of running Faculty Development with a tighter budget.
3. Grade 30 lab notebooks
4. Grade 14.5 6-10 page formal lab reports
5. Prepare my lecture for Wednesday
6. Revise and submit a departmental writing statement
7. Revise a case study I submitted to the Science Case Study Library
8. Review a paper for a journal
9. Order primers for my research student
10. Advise two more students tomorrow

1. Play with Hope
2. Read Harmony her new book
3. Help Henry figure out how to play his new game
4. Balance the checkbook
5. Vacuum (this is always on my list)
6. Clean out the diaper pail (ew!)
7. Laundry (this is also always on my list)
8. Do some menu planning
9. Go grocery shopping
10. Plot my next Walgreens run

But now, I need to go to bed! What's on your to do list this week?

1 comment:

Kim said...

Great lists! I too need to balance my checkbook. Thanks for the reminder.

Mine's up!