Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ten on Tuesday--Favorite things on vacation

Patrick and I have different vacation styles, so it's taken us a while to master "the vacation"!

1. Eat at good (generally non-chain) restaurants. Since we have about 10 restaurants in town, this is generally easy. Patrick does lots of research ahead of time, and he does a great job picking winners.
2. Go to museums.
3. Walk around old neighborhoods and farmers markets
4. Eat donuts for breakfast

The kids and I:
5. Play in the hotel pool (while Daddy does #8 and #9)

The kids:
6. Take modes of transportation not available at home, like taxis, buses, trains, etc.
7. Do fun kid things, like play on the beach, go to a water park, children's museum, zoo, or the Mouse House

8. Sleep in
9. Read the paper

10. Take a bubble bath!

So what are your ten favorite things to do on vacation? I made this Mr. Linky long ago and far away, so might as well use it:

You can also share by making a comment here.


Jen said...

Love the graphic! I listed things I've beenlearning in my 90 day challenge...it was hard to limit it to jsut 10, though!!

The Rock Star said...

I definitely try to do number 1 whenever possible! I should do that more in Lafayette now that I think about it...