Monday, March 2, 2009

Temptation in my pocket

Toniht Henry and Harmony split some M&M's from a quarter machine. Since Harmony was on her way to dance, I kept hers in my pocket.

I rediscovered them tonight at the grocery store. It was temptation, right in my pocket.

You see, I gave up cookies, candy, and cake for Lent. For me, Lent isn't so much about "giving up" something--it's more like spiritual "spring house cleaning," removing spiritual clutter, dust bunnies, and idols that have replaced Jesus on the mantle of my heart.

So there they were, taunting me from my coat pocket...Harmony's forgotten about them, she won't notice if you just eat one. No one can see you in the car, go ahead. It's silly to give things up for Lent. It's just an M&M.

But isn't that just like the Tempter, saying no one will notice, it's just one, it's not important, you're silly for thinking that how you behave matters to your spiritual life. Notice the pattern of minimization?

But sin is sin. God classifies gossip in the same category as manslaughter--a sin is a sin, no matter how big. So flee from it.

I resisted the M&Ms. And with God's grace, we can resist sin too.

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