Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Works for me Wednesday--Cleaning the George Forman grill

I like cooking with our George Forman grill, but I used to hate cleaning it. It's one of the older models where you can't take it apart to wash it.

But I've found an answer! While the grill is warm (not hot, like after dinner), spread a couple of wet paper towels across the grilling surfaces and shut the grill. Wait about 10-15 minutes (long enough to clean the rest of the kitchen), then wipe off the grill. Voila, all the cooked on stuff slides right off!

What works for you? You can share at WFMW's new home, We are THAT Family!


Kristen, pajama mama said...

I'll have to try that for my waffle iron! Thanks,

Wani said...

Sweet! I avoid using mine because I dread cleaning it! I'll definitely give this a try! Thanks!

Kristin - The Goat said...

I do this!! It is a life saver, isn't it?! I actually use a washcloth that is the "grill" towel, but I started off with the papertowels.

Hope you have a great day!
Kristin (The Goat)

Susan said...

Great idea! I always have trouble getting my grill clean, so I will definitely try this!

Michelle said...

Thank you for this great tip! We'll try it soon. We hardly use ours though we like grilled chicken because we argue over who gets the awful job of cleaning it!