Sunday, February 1, 2009

Off and running...

Well, the semester has started. It's like being on a treadmill:

Week one: 3.0 miles per hour. Lectures start; I need to grade written comps, but it's not due for a while. Hope does great in her trial afternoon at daycare. An easy walk.

Week two: 4.0 miles per hour. Labs start, as well as lectures. Things are picking up.

Week 3: Monday 5.0 mph. Assignments start coming in...grading begins.
Incline goes up a notch: Hope and Henry tag team being up alternating hours of the night.
Tuesday: 6.0 mph. A committee I'm chairing meets tomorrow--gotta get everything out. Incline up another notch: Henry sleeps better, but Hope is awake from 5 am on, screaming. She's having poop problems.
Wed: 6.5 mph. I don't have the instructions for next weeks' lab written. Work on that during lab. Hope is boycotting the bottle at daycare and with Patrick, so she's up every hour or two at night.
Thursday: Incline up another notch...actual committee meeting happens; I have a bunch of work to do as a result. Speed back down to 6.0; the lab instructions are done.
Friday: 6.5 mph. Lab notebooks are piling up. The house is a disaster, and we need lots of basics from the store.

If I were in better shape, this isn't an unmanageable pace...but now I have a sinus infection, and a couple of clogged ducts on my right side. Plus this next week is our first biochem exam (gotta write it!) and oral comps....oy. So if I'm not here much, that's why!

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Jen said...

God is a big God, with big plans for your big "run!"