Sunday, August 5, 2007

Party Planning

Henry has been planning his 5th birthday party since...oh, two days after his 4th birthday party. The original knight party plans were very detailed, and involved me having to find horses to keep in the front yard and a dragon to tame in the back alley, and a guest appearance by Batman.

Plans have changed. I'm glad I don't have to find any fire breathing animals or superheroes, but finding Star Wars stuff is almost as hard. I did finally find some over-priced decorations at a party store today. $20 for a Darth Vader that will be destroyed in five minutes? I don't think so! I think I'll be up to my elbows in paper mache and making my own Death Star pinata (note to self, must find silver spray paint).

I've also discovered that it's a bad idea to have nine children invited to a party--all the stuff comes in packs of 8. It was hard, though, since we had to invite all three neighbor boys and one friend from school, plus the princess contingency (both for Henry and Harmony's sakes! Henry said it wouldn't be a party without Emma, Ruthie and Olivia there--who would be Princess Leia or Amadela?) Here's hoping someone doesn't show up, else Harmony will be eating on a princess plate instead!

So here's the plan:
--light sabers (savers, as Henry calls them) made out of pool noodles
*Jedi training: Use the force (and the light saber) to keep a balloon from touching the ground
*Save Han Solo (a picture of whom will be hidden in an inflated balloon--they have to pop the balloons to free him)
*Destroy the Death Star pinata (with the light sabers)
*Make your own Padwan (or should it be Jabba the Hutt?) Pizza
*Sith Salad
*Fruit Light Sabers
*Yoda Soda (sprite plus mint chocolate chip ice cream)
*Either a light saber shaped cake or a rectangular cake decorated with Star Wars figurines (arranged like a battle)
*Annakin Ice cream
*The pool noodle light sabers
*toys and candy from the pinata
*pretzel light sabers (pretzel rods dipped in red or green chocolate and rolled in colored sugar)
*Wookie Cookies (chocolate chip or toffee cookies)
*Star Wars stickers
*Star Wars Coloring book (I printed pictures off the internet)

Do you think I have enough or too much planned? The party is 3 hrs. I'm guessing an hour and a half for the games (pinata when the pizzas are in the oven) and pizza prep, an hour to eat lunch, and a half hour to open presents. I'm thinking that I'm short a game...any ideas?


the rockstar said...

Though I do not even like Starwars... It think that sounds like one super party! :)

Kim said...

wow! Can I be invited? :-) Ann, you do such a great job planning. Henry is really going to remember this birthday because of all the love and energy you have put into it. You're a great mom!