Monday, August 27, 2007

Left overs

Tonight we had leftovers for dinner--I had leftovers for lunch, too. We'll probably all have leftovers for lunch and dinner tomorrow, while we're at it.

I feel like I'm kind of having a leftover life right now--everything is microwaved, and either too hot or still cold in the middle. There are not nearly enough hours in the day, and I'd really rather be staying home with my kids than working. Patrick and I did a lot of tag team this weekend to keep Harmony home, so we haven't had a real chance to talk about anything lately. It doesn't help that he got to go to a movie on Saturday night and to a concert on Sunday night, while my plans to go to a gathering at a friend's house today didn't happen...and I didn't get to go running all weekend either. I've not been getting nearly enough sleep, and I feel like sometimes God is getting the leftovers too.

Sorry for leftovers again, God. Please finish cleaning out my fridge of a heart and fill it with You.

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