Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Breaking down the walls

Do you have some walls in your life? Barriers between you and God, between you and others, or within yourself? Yesterday I witnessed a couple in other people's lives, and Patrick pointed one out in me.

Sometimes walls are healthy--they keep out bad weather, and keep the kids and the cat inside. But sometimes they get in the way--imagine a wall in the middle of your kitchen. While it might help my diet, it would make getting dinner tough. But I might get used to it, and even like it...

I had the opportunity to pray with some sisters last night about a couple of walls, and both of them mentioned that these were things they'd been around the block before. That made me think about one of the kid's lessons at church recently--they talked about patience, and used the walls of Jericho as an example (Joshua 6). Although God told Joshua that Jericho's was his, the people had to march around the city once a day for six days, and seven times on the seventh day. So they went around the block 13 times!

But why didn't God just strike down Jericho? Why make them do all this pomp and circumstance? I think the answer is obedience and trust. They did it because they trusted God (and Joshua), and lived it out by walking (quietly) in obedience.

Maybe that's why sometimes it feels like we've been around this block before--because we have. But God still wants us to walk in obedience, and for us to trust him. Easier said than done, I know. But sisters, I'll keep walking around that wall with you (and around my own walls, too), and trust that God will move that wall in His time and in His way. And I'm ready to yell and blow my trumpet when the time comes!

Lord, we love you, and want to follow, trust and obey you. Help us break down the walls that are interferring with our relationships and every day functioning so that we can serve you better and be witness to your goodness and glory.

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Anonymous said...

thanks, ann. good encouragement and reminder to keep fighting. i'll keep walking around the wall... even if my feet are dragging.