Monday, January 26, 2009

My night

midnight--go to bed (I need to go to bed earlier!)
12:30 Henry screaming for a good 15 minutes; stay with him until 12:30. Nightmares.
2:30 Hope up to eat.
3:30 Henry crawling in our bed--bad dreams. Walk him back to his bed and snuggle with him until he falls asleep.
5:00 Hope up to eat.
5:30 Henry's having another nightmare
7:00 alarm goes off; hit snooze a couple of times
7:30 start prying kids out of bed.

Anyone have any advice for dealing with nightmares? Henry's as bad or worse than Hope as far as waking in the night--I can sleep while she's nursing, I can't sleep when he's upset.


Jen said...

Well, the obvious...prayer. But, maybe more specifically, ask God to reveal anything that might be the source. I've heard other believing parents share that they've felt the HS reveal the most "innocent" of things to be source of nightmares. We'll pray, too...

Ann said...

Yup, we've been praying both for protection before he goes to bed and for revelation after it happens. Nothing has emerged yet...