Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Top Ten Tuesday: Christmas traditions

Thanks to Mindy!

10. "Let it Snow" by the Blenders--polenesian style. Hilarious! (Jonell, you'd even like it :)--track 3 on the link)
9. Watching the Grinch that Stole Christmas and Charlie Brown's Christmas
8. Playing Santa (I've always been the one to stuff the stockings, ever since I graduated from high school)
7. Eating Robatsa (chinese dumpling soup that my grandfather ate as a child) on Christmas eve
6. Setting up the nativity set my aunt made for me
5. Christmas concerts--I still get choked up every time I hear O Come all ye faithful
4. Making traditional cookies like sandbaskels and krumkaka
3. Lefse, hot off the grill
2. Lighting the advent wreath and having special devotional time with my family
1. Candlelight service on Christmas Eve

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Jeremy Griggs said...

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