Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hope's top ten favorite things to do

10. Poop right after mommy has changed my diaper.
9. Listen to Henry sing his version of "Lullabye" at a very loud volume.
8. Have Harmony hold me.
7. Stare at the throw on the couch.
6. Listen to the vacuum cleaner.
5. Sit in the moving chair from the Lingley's (but not moving)
4. Nurse.
3. Listen to the bathroom fan--it puts me to sleep every time.
2. Sleep between mommy and daddy.
1. Sleep ON mommy or daddy in the recliner!

Gotta love life as a baby...


Jen said...

Hope and Samuel have #4 in common!

Mindy said...

Gotta love the pooping right after a diaper change. Or during the diaper change. It seems to be most babies favorite thing to do.