Friday, April 4, 2008

Where in the world AM I? And what time is it?

Sorry I've dropped off the blogosphere--between the women's conference for church last weekend, a major speaker at work and getting ready for this trip, I've had negative amounts of blogging time. In fact, I dropped the ball on several large items--before I left I didn't get my portion of the tests graded, I forgot to return a college credit card, and forgot to grade an exit exam (that a student must pass to graduate). So needless to say it's been stressful-busy.

Now we're in San Diego. Harmony and I arrived last night at 7:30 SD time. It was a crazy day, with me dropping Harmony off at preschool before she was really awake (she slept in clean clothes for the day and I brought her breakfast), teaching class, a student putting a piece of glass in his hand, running around trying to get everything done, leaving town at the "cutting it close" time, but making our plane. There were no naps on the plane, so Harmony was very tired by the time we got there--Patrick and Henry hadn't had dinner yet, and Harmony fell asleep at the table. It's definitely a case where you wonder if the stress of going is worth the trip.

We're moving to another hotel today which only has free internet in the lobby, so I'll probably be scarce until we return...and I dig back out from under all the grading that's waiting there for me! I definitely have a post (or a series) princesses brewing...


Jen said...

Praying for some rest for you on the trip and peace and ease of mind,too!

Kelsey said...

Hope you enjoy your travels! :)