Friday, April 18, 2008

Earth quake!

We felt one last night/this morning at about 5:45--the house was distinctly rolling for a good 30 seconds. It woke up Henry and Patrick (who usually sleeps through everything), but Harmony kept on sleeping! Apparently there was a 5.4, with the epicenter at Olney, IL. It wasn't strong enough to do any damage (at least not that I can see in the dark).

Even so, it was a little scary. I can only imagine how Paul and Silas and the rest of the prisoners felt when God sent an earthquake strong enough to break open the prison!


The Rockstar said...

Hmm... I thought someone was "shaking" the house. I did not know we could have Earthquakes in Indiana. WOW! My first one!!! :)

Kelsey said...

That's one of the Biblical events I've always wished I could time-travel to see (because everyone made it out okay).

Love Bears All Things said...

Great analogy. I heard about the earthquake but didn't experience anything. We did once in Alabama, though so it is a little unsettling. I can't imagine what living in California is like. Here, we deal mostly with tornados and straight line winds.
Mama Bear