Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Conversation with Harmony tonight..

While tucking Harmony in tonight:

H2: Mom, is there another baby in your belly?
Me: No. (Guess I better get back on track with the diet!)
H2: We should have another baby. Jen has four kids.
Me: Why should we have another baby?
H2: So we can have a boy for Henry to play with.
Me: Well, they'd be at least eight years apart, so I don't know how much they'd play.
H2: So how do you know if there is a baby in your belly?
Me: uh...God gives it to you. Moms have ways of knowing.
H2: The baby should have the same birthday as Hope.
H2: But in December. December 16.
Me: You'll have to talk to God about that.

Oh my. First, I better get back to the situp routine and diet. Second, the kids have been eerily correct on talking about babies before they were born (though I am in no way, shape or form ready for/considering more babies!! I'm feeling definitely too old!!)

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Jen said...

I know...the kids have been asking for another brother. I'm sure I heard God correctly that Sammy D was the big finale, so I think we'll have to adopt another compassion child or something:) If I didn't have to be pregnant, we'd have 10 more children! But it's the nine months of sheer torture and this body is wiped out from eight years of hormone roller coasters!