Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hope is WALKING!

Hope has had a busy week!

She claps and says "Babo!" ("Bravo"--one of the teachers in the baby room speaks only Spanish to them)
She waves and says "Hi" "Ello" or "Bubye" (often after the person isn't looking!)
She shakes her head and says "No, no, no, no"
She tries to stand up in her high chair
She stands near the CD player and bounces up and down


Friday night she took 4-5 steps several times! She walked some today too. She still prefers cruising or crawling when she's in a hurry, but it won't be long until she's walking as a sole means of transportation.


After being awake with her from 2-3 am and having not slept through the night myself more than twice in the last year, we moved Hope in with Harmony (who can sleep through anything. This meant bunking the twin beds, removing ALL the little piece toys (read: all of Henry's stuff) out of Harmony's room, and partially taking apart the crib to get it in...but we got it all done.

What a week! Here's hoping she does well in her new sleeping environment (and I do too!)

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Anonymous said...

Yes! Here's praying she starts sleeping mroe soundly!!! Have you tried a bedtime snack with her--liek some bananas or something like that? That did the trick with one of our kids, can't remember which one...probably because I was sleep deprived!