Monday, June 1, 2009

Overheard today...

Who needs TV when you have kids? They're much more entertaining :)

The argument in the car this morning:
Henry: Sam, how much older are you than Sarah?
Sam: I'm 7.
Me: Sam, your birthday isn't until July--you're six and a half.
Sam: But I'm 7! We had a party at school!
Me: Henry, can you figure out how much older Sam is than Sarah? Sam is six and a half, Sarah is four.
Henry: So...Sam is two and a half years older than Sarah.
Sam: I am not two and a half!
Me: Sam, you're two and a half years older than Sarah.
Henry: That means you were two and a half years old when Sarah was zero. Right, Mom?
Me: Yes, Henry.
Sam: I am NOT two and a half!

Me: I'm glad we picked strawberries today! They look yummy. We'll have to eat some for lunch.
Harmony: Can we have Strawberry Shortcake? Please??
Me: Sure.

Back at the house, after Harmony and Sarah helped mix up the cake batter...
Harmony: Where is her hat?
Me: Whose hat?
Harmony: How are we going to make Strawberry Shortcake's hat? And where is her head?
Me: um...We're having the strawberry shortcake that is a dessert, not the cartoon character...
Harmony: (very dissapointed look on her face)...oh.

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