Saturday, April 4, 2009

Side lined

Last night my mom showed me some things she had picked out of a catalog for my Sunday School class...which I'm no longer teaching.

Ugh. It feels like I've been sidelined. Hubby has picked up a Sunday night worship gig (before all this fell apart), so he's got an outlet for using his spiritual gifts. I'm very glad for that. And while I'll occasionally generate a lesson to use with our kiddos (and sometimes their friends) it does feel strange to be out of the game.

Not getting to use our gifts was a contributing reason for not going back to the church we were attending before we went on sabbatical. And I'm sure that no matter where we go next, it'll be a while before I'd be allowed to teach Sunday School. But I'm itching to be back in the game.

Give us opportunities to serve You and use the gifts you've given us, Lord.


The Rock Star said...

One really great thing about Robbie was one of our first conversations in which he told me to go out and serve people. I think he just sort of knew I was "good people" and could be trusted. I hope you can find that! Someone that knows things went south and respects your decision to leave and realizes that holding you back on serving would only be damaging to you. Plus, they see you as someone that is gifted and wants to make sure you are free to use those gifts even if you are new. Again, I hope you find that!

Denise said...

May God sweetly bless you.

Jen said...

Just remember that you are still using gifts God has given you...the gift of mothering and being a caring wife. Those gifts are often over-looked by many women and they feel like they aren't being effectively used. I see God building up strong, wise, Christ-centered children in your home and you are a very important tool at this stage in their lives! And, your husband is so blessed to have your support and encouragement as well! I know it's hard to see others doing what you feel called to do, but the Bible always illustrates tremendous growth after times of solitude.